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Together, in partnership with our faculty, staff, students, families, community…

Kuhio School’s Vision is to create a culture that embraces the belief that everyone is a learner, teacher and a leader because they possess the knowledge, skills and behaviors that will enable them to…

COLLABORATE to support and help,

ADAPT to changes, 

PERSEVERE despite difficulties

and SUCCEED in all their efforts.

School Philosophy

At Prince Jonah Kuhio Elementary School, we are committed to providing the fundamental knowledge, skills, values and behaviors.


  • We believe that all students can learn when they are accepted for whom and where they are in their educational learning.

  • We believe that all students be held to high expectations in developing their basic skills, thinking and problem solving skills, academic achievement, social and emotional skills and physical development.

  • We believe that effective learning requires collaboration between the staff, teacher, student, and parents grounded in mutual respect and trust.

  • We believe that learning takes place best in a positive and safe environment.

  • We believe that all children deserve every possible opportunity to learn and succeed.

  • We believe that respected and empowered individuals will strive to attempt all possibilities to achieve intellectual and personal success.


KUHIO Elementary School: Striving To Reach All Possibilities!


Kuhio School’s Mission is to prepare our students for 21st century careers and citizenship by engaging all learners in quality teaching and learning experiences that are rigorous, challenging, meaningful, diverse and exciting in a safe and supportive environment.

Kuhio School's History
Kamo‘ili‘ili School was established in 1884 with approximately 47 students. It was converted to a government English speaking school in 1888 and renamed Mo'ili'ili School. A two-story building facing King Street was completed in 1923 and the school was renamed in honor of Prince Kuhio.
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